Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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We specialize in commercial carpet cleaning in Omaha

so we understand what you need. Our technicians are specially trained to work quietly and efficiently and to minimize disruptions. We always arrive on-time and in uniform so customers and staff know who we are and why we’re there.

We fix broken carpets!

Before you look at costly replacement, let us take a look. We specialize in removing spots and stains others leave behind. Is the term “wicking” an all too familiar term? We can help! Our training and years of experience help us zero in on the causes of problems, making the solution a simple matter.

If we can’t fix it we’ll tell you

There’s no guess work on your part, no one leaning in your ear saying “Trust me.” We’re experts at resolving carpet related problems. Call for a FREE evaluation. We’ll erase any doubts, along with your problem spots, without squandering your budget.

Are maintenance costs spiraling out of control?

Is in-house cleaning really more economical? Workers comp, insurance, FICA contributions, medical benefits, vacation, sick leave, capital investment, equipment repairs and maintenance are all part of the cost of in-house “savings.” What about training? Have you learned the hard way that commercial equipment intended for trained professionals is potentially dangerous in the wrong hands.

Consider These Kustom Benefits

Dry In Hours NOT Days

Absolutely! We can have most carpet dry in just hours. There’s no need do block-off areas for long periods, accidents can be remedied immediately, or after closing, meeting rooms can be cleaned the morning of the big event, guest rooms are ready before check-in time, and display floors are dry well before it’s time to open! Just as important to your business are the reduced liabilities since customers and personnel are no longer exposed to hours, even days, of wet, slippery floors.

Safe and Effective

We generally rely on proven, environmentally safe, non-toxic products. We realize some folks are sensitive to a variety of odors so we try to avoid strong cleaning odors or fragrances leaving the process nearly odor-free! We use friendly chemistry, breaking the dependence on harsh chemicals, leaving virtually NO dirt-attracting residues. Safe for you, safe for your employees, safe for your customers.


We’re competitively priced so the Kustom advantage won’t cost you an arm and a leg!

Professional and Convenient

We take great pride in our work and in our appearance. While we’re in your facility you can rest assured our technicians will never show-up in tattered jeans and “heavy metal” T-shirts. We dress as professionals, in uniform, reflecting well on your good image.

An added bonus!

In addition to traditional hot water extraction, we also offer encapsulation which, in many cases, goes faster than other methods. It’s quieter, less disruptive, no vacuum hoses, and no special parking requirements.

Carpets Stay Cleaner Longer

Our cleaning processes dry leaving virtually NO Sticky Residue to cause your carpets to quickly resoil.

No Reappearing Stains!

You can be assured we’ll quickly and effectively removes most spots. Best of all, once cleaned, spots are gone for good. We promise no more reappearing spots.

Unconditional Guarantee!

It’s impossible to guarantee that every spot and every stain will always be removed. But, we’re positive you’ll find Kustom Karpet Kleaners an absolute delight. If you’re not completely satisfied with the results, we’ll do our best to resolve your dissatisfaction. If you’re still not happy we’ll gladly refund your money!

Put the Savings in Your Pocket!

Fast drying and no sticky residues keep areas available more hours per month allowing more efficient use and higher revenues. Equipment and maintenance costs can be eliminated. Personnel have more time to get other tasks accomplished. Over-wetting is avoided increasing carpet life and reducing liabilities. Our specialized skills, products, and industry expertise bring speedy, cost-effective solutions to your fabric care problems. Estimates and demonstrations are always FREE!